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Federal officials execute search warrant on Michael Vick's former Smithsfield, VA home

I'm going to start updating this blog again for rather selfish reasons, (ok, purely selfish reasons) and this is the NFL news of the moment.

I've also realized that one of the reasons we stopped updating besides laziness is that we may have tried too hard to focus purely on humor pieces.

ESPN's Sportscenter and USA Today are reporting that Federal officials have become involved in the potential dog-fighting case against Michael Vick and have conducted a new search of the property.

From Surry County attorney Gerald Poindexter's statement that "they were going out there to dig," it would appear that Federal authorities may have executed a warrant similar to the one that Poindexter prevented Surry County officials from executing. The Surry County warrant would have permitted officials to dig for corpses of dogs that had purportedly been buried on the premises of Vick's property.

USA Today also reports that, in addition to dog corpses, Poindexter "believes Federal officials and the state police were searching for various parts of the wood floor and walls which could be covered with dog blood."

The execution of the warrant clearly flies in the face of Poindexter's deliberate (some say snail-like) pursuit of evidence of Michael Vick's involvement in the dog-fighting that took place on the property.

Just earlier today, Sheriff Harold Brown had been cited by ESPN in an update to the investigation. According to that report, Brown was hopeful that a task force which included US Department of Agriculture agents, could "meet by sometime next week to see how credible the evidence is and how best to proceed." Brown also seemed to echo Poindexter's deliberate proceeding when he stated "I know it's taking some time, but we're just being careful."

Several posts have been devoted to this subject over at Sports Law Blog, which I follow closely (I sent in the question regarding Vick and the NFL's personal conduct policy), and it will be interesting in the coming days to read their commentary on the involvement of the Federal authorities under the Department of Agriculture and the speedy execution of the latest warrant.

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