Monday, November 06, 2006

The Positive I Take Away From This,
Is that Peyton Manning Still Has a Big Dumb Face

Manning/Brady Bowl ver 8.0 (or something) seemed to be designed purely to make all facets of football fans yell horrifying things at their television sets. Bad calls all around, horrific defense, terrible field goal attempts, and a new (to me) Peyton Manning commercial. I swear to go, the only thing keeping me from putting the universal remote through my girlfriend's TV screen was that "Alarm Clock Catastrophe" Dunkin' Donuts commercial. Oh, They Might Be Giants, I can't stay mad at you.

The Hype - the elite QB's: Manning Versus Brady, the explosive rookie running backs: Addai versus Maroney, the kicker duel: cash-dump Vinatieri versus shaky rookie Gostowski. The end result was not what I would call an exciting game. This looked like what happens when I get cocky and crank the difficulty up in Madden. Laser rocket arm and his best buddy connect in the most impossible of manners, and Brady looks like the recent zombie reincarnation of Ben Roethlisberger. And the refs looked like they were trying to make the game more exciting (read: frustrating) for everyone.

So what reprocussions result from this game? The easy way out is to say that it doesn't matter until Manning beats Brady in the postseason, but it does matter now. Pats showed a weakness in their clutch passing schemes. I hate to agree with Madden, but when you're on 4th down or in the red zone, you're kind of screwed without a #1 receiver. Manning and company not only executed passes extremely efficiently on offense, but also somehow discouraged a Pats running game that seemed quite effective for the first two quarters.

The only thought consoling me is that someone on here will likely post a hilarious Manning conversation about this. Pardon my lack of style this time around, I've had a hangover since Saturday morning (tequila + Rockstar energy drinks = me waking up on a washing machine at 7:30am when I had to be at work at 8).

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