Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Week 5 picks

So since I finished 3-1 in my picks last week, more cheerleaders, I feel I'm serving the community of men everywhere and all five people who read this blog when I show cheerleaders.

Anyways besides Daunte Culpepper forgetting how to play the game of football last week, I predicted correctly the Titans and the Jaguars to lose and the Colts to win, shocking I know.

Tennessee vs. Indianapolis.
Wow, how many points will the colts score before they send in the second teamers, Tony Dungy doesn't like to run up the score much. Vince Young looked bad versus the cowboys last week, he;s gonna look worse versus the colts, if you have a colts QB, RB, or WR START THEM!
Colts 70 Titans 3 (I doubt Indy will score that many but they possibly could.

Jaguars vs. Jets
The Jets looked good versus Indy. I know all these sportswriters are talking about how Mangini was a fool for going for it, I liked it. It shows you got a nutsack and since they take chances I expect them to win on the road this week in a close match.
Jaguars 20 Jets 24

Miami vs. New England
How bad did Cincy look versus NE last week. Which NE team will show up the one with the slowest WR corp in the NFL or the one with the stud running game. It won't matter since Miami can't use its weapons on offense....still.. I personally blame the OC and Daunte Culpepper. It's killing me in my money league since I have both ronnie brown and Chris Chambers. Something needs to happen quickly.
Miami 7 New England 35

Those are the picks for this week.

Paul's thought of the week: Why are we talking basketball so soon.

I understand basketball season starts in a matter of weeks, but honestly WHO CARES! It's football season, if you don't think so you are delusional. It's football season until after the superbowl and then its hockey and basketball season. No one pays attention to the early games, no one rushes out to watch them. Both hockey and basketball season shouldn't start til december since they both finish up in may-june. So sportswriters of americs, shut up its football season now, not basketball.

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