Saturday, September 16, 2006


The week that was in the AFC West… and what will be! (Week 2)

The teams in the AFC West have a long, illustrious history in the NFL, one that predates the league itself. Week one may have done more damage for that image than all of Al Davis’ lawsuits.

(BTW, sorry this is so late, but work was killer this week...)

QUARTERBACKS: It was a particularly dismal week for the QBs for the league. Jake Plummer seems to be regressing to again, throwing three picks (and fumbling twice!) for an amazing 138 yards. Needless to say, he didn’t throw any touchdowns, and ended up with -6 points in our league. This was against a rather patched up St. Louis team, which doesn’t bode well for him with Cutler in the rear view. Not that Shanahan would sub the rookie in. I think he'd rather insert 3 RBs in the backfield, just to screw everyone up even more.

Aaron Brooks didn’t fare much better, though he ended up with a positive point total, albeit 2 points. I guess the Raiders didn’t get the memo about shining on Monday night, as the offensive line was downright offensive (bet you never heard that one before). He had no time to throw, and the SD D (at least the front 7) looked beastly.

Trent Green left the field with a concussion that we’ve all heard about. Those aren’t fun, folks. I’ve had one, and 11 years out of high school, I think I still haven’t fully recovered.

Philip Rivers threw 11 times, really 11 more times than he had to given LDT’s dominance. Given Martyball is will be the key this season, I don’t think Rivers will have to air it out too much this year, and his first game is a testament to what we will expect him to do, especially with tougher defenses than the Raiders, which is to say every other defense he’ll face this year (except for later in the season when he plays the Raiders again).

RUNNING BACKS: LDT was the key here, and honestly, everyone saw it coming with his history of running the ball down the Raiders throats. He has 101 yards in the first quarter! He ended up with 138 yards on the ground, but only because Schottenheimer decided to keep on running it with LDT’s backup, Michael Turner, in the second half to the tune of 70 yards and a touchdown. His opposite for the day, LaMont Jordan, was limited to a measly 20 yards as the Chargers completely shut down any semblance of offense on the Silver and Black’s side.

Larry Johnson, he of the number one pick, didn’t fare that much better. Sure he had 144 combined yards, but losing your QB and realizing your offensive line might get you killed this year (Willie Roaf? Herm’s on line one for ya) probably made LJ lose more than his fair share of hair on Sunday.

DENVER RB has a prosperous day, even if TBell lost a fumble and MBell almost lost a finger (his index finger’s bone is rubbing up against his fingernail—ouch!). They had a combined 161 yards rushing (T:103/M:58) and MBell scored the touchdown. With MBell’s injury, Cedric Cobbs might be into the mix this upcoming weekend, so set your lineups accordingly.

WRs/TEs: It was an awful couple of days for receivers in the AFC West. With Quarterbacks being either incompetent (Brooks, Plummer), insulated (Rivers) or immobile (Green), the receivers didn’t get much play this week. Actually it was a couple of tight ends who caught the AFC West’s only receiving touchdowns of the week, Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez.


Denver (@ KC): Denver travels to rib-land, Kansas City, Missouri, which shouldn’t be confused with Kansas City, Kansas, which isn’t that far away. You know, you’ve got to tell Jake Plummer these kind of things because he’s not that bright, although he is smart enough to figure out KC’s bad bad D (especially the Run D, so put your DENVER RB in if you can) and hold on to his job for at least another week. 2 TDs/250 is what I’ll prognosticate, with Rod Smith (who has a penchant for scoring on the Chiefs) and one of the DENVER RB (who’ll have 200 yards, combined… three ways this time) catching it in the end zone. Denver’s D is a so-so play this weekend with LJ coming to town, but we’ll see if Huard can keep them honest enough so they don’t stack 8 in the box against Donald Faison lookalike LJ.

Kansas City (v. Denver): KC comes into their home opener limping something awful. They’ve lost their QB, their O-Line is in shambles and the D Line resembles those cartoons when a guy plugs his finger into a leaky damn wall, only to have another hole open up somewhere else. But they do have LJ, who is obviously not going to rush for 2000 yards this season, as some were imagining. But he will get his, to the tune of 2 TDs/150 combined yards. Those Denver CBs are fierce, and they allowed Marc Bulger shit last week, letting him down the field, but completely shutting him down in the red zone. Expect a lot of dumping off to either him on TG (100+ yard day), that is unless Huard’s on his back most of the day, which he should not. Herm starts to feel a lot of heat early in the season, which sucks cause he’s a nice guy (I interviewed him once… no lie!)

Oakland (@Bal). Heh. I always thought the Football Gods had a love/hate relationship with the Raiders, and I now think the franchise left the toilet seat up or made fun of one of the Football Gods’ eating habits because it’s pissed off city. Last week, the Silver and Black were handed its lunch (or late snack, as it was pretty late here on the east coast) by a souped up Charger front seven. This week it’s the Ravens’ turn to light up Aaron Brooks (115 yards/0 TDs) and hold LaMont (50 yards) and Randy (75 yards) to nothing. The reason I’m giving them so much credit is because I hold a slim belief that Art and the Gang will be able to game plan a bit better this weekend. It still won’t stop the Ravens from winning the game by 2 TDs (minimum—play the money line fo sho!).

SD (@TN) SD is lulled into thinking it’s a Super Bowl contender by beating up on this patsy Titan team that allowed half-an-arm Pennington to be considered “back” (wait till the Pats eat you up this weekend). LDT should run off two TDs and might break 200 combined yards on a team with a worse D than the Raiders (yeah, you heard me right). Rivers will be too restrained by Martyball to do anything other than what he did Monday night, 125 yards and maybe a dumpoff TD to Gates, who should account for a lot of those 125.

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