Tuesday, September 12, 2006


No Frills NFC North Review

Ok folks, let's get right to the games last week. No bullshit, just the straight dope.

Minnesota looked very capable last night, going into DC and punking Southeast Jerome and the rest of the Redskins. I was impressed with Brad Johnson, who was very efficient in throwing for 223 yards, no picks and one TD to Marcus Robinson. Troy Williamson might need to get some fucking glasses based on those two huge drops. I mean, what the fuck? Ahmad Rashad would be rolling over in his grave if he were dead. But even with the drops, Johnson kept throwing to him and he ended up with 4 catches for 77 yards.

Chester Taylor also looked pretty good- it was the first time I've really seen him play and he finished the game with 88 yards rushing on 31 carries. Childress, now in control, appears a lot more dedicated to running the ball than Reid. Also, as I wrote in my preview, their defense looked better than in years past, giving up only 163 passing yards and holding the DC running backs to under 100 yards rushing.

Bottom Line- The Vikings should challenge the Bears for the NFC North title. I see them as a 10 or 9 win team who will be tough to beat at home. While not an elite team, you don't have to be elite to win this division. My advice- play their defense, Taylor, Williamson and keep Brad Johnson as your number 2 QB.

The Detroit Lions might be better than last year, as they fought the Seahawks until the very last play of the game before losing 9-6. Alexander only rushed for 51 yards and Hasselback was sacked 5 times as the Lions D seemed to respond to former Tampa D-Line coach Marinelli. Their rookie with the special helmet, Ernie Sims, had 10 tackles and could end up a solid pro if he doesn't get another concussion.

The bad news is that the Lions offense only managed 39 yards rushing and no touchdowns. If the offense ever catches up to the defense, .500 could be a realistic goal.

Bottom Line- While they might be an improved team, their offense is dreadful and there are no real fantasy studs on the team as of yet. Although Roy Williams talks a good game and has guaranteed a win against the Bears this Sunday, I wouldn't bet on it.

Bears- As expected, the Bears defense crushed the Packers. What was not expected, at least by me, was Rex Grossman throwing for 262 yards and a TD. Thomas Jones got the bulk of the carries and finished with 63 yards on 21 carries while C. Benson had 11 carries for 34
yards. M. Muhammed ended up with over 100 yards receiving and may be back to the form that made him so dominating as a Carolina Panther.

Bottom Line- The Bears were not really tested last week, so its hard to say if Grossman can put up numbers like this on a regular basis. Jones appears to be the main guy at RB, but Benson will get his share of touches.

Packers- In a stunning reversal, Brett Favre, after the game, informed us that this team might not be that good. No shit. Favre threw his customary two INTs against the Bears and had another horrible day as his team got their ass kicked at home. There was, however, some good news for the Packers-Ahman Green had 20 carries for 110 yards and his leg did not explode. Donald Driver also had a decent game, catching 7 balls for 96 yards.

Bottom Line- As everyone outside of Green Bay already knew, this team is flat out awful. Favre is embarrassing and the defense cannot even slow down the Bears.

This week's Brett Favre Award, going to the worst performance by a QB in the NFC North, goes to: Brett Favre and his 40.9 QB rating. Congrats Brett!

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