Wednesday, September 06, 2006


NFC West Week 1 Preview... with tunes.

Let's test this out. I'm going to post short and sweet NFC West previews, and songs that are vaguely related. This week's picks are a bit rushed, expect better quality as time goes on, especially when there are divisional matchups.

Denver over St. Louis. Jake and co. shouldn't have much trouble rolling the Rams as long as they have their running game figured out. Speaking of running game, Stephen Jackson should bring the fantasy points.

Suggested listening: DangerDoom - Old School. Jake's porn stache is old school. Perfect excuse to throw this jam in.

Seattle over Detroit. Tim the Tool Man Taylor weeps, Wilson gives him advice from the other side of the fence, and Al's mom kicks it in a shitty diner. Shaun Alexander rushes for 50 touchdowns and dies of exhaustion.

Suggested listening: Gil Scott-Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit. This should chill you out and dissuade you from setting things on fire when the Lions lose.

Bonus Round! Divisional Matchup!

Arizona over San Francisco. Both teams sucked last year. Both teams are going to be better this year. The difference is that San Fran is shooting for the .500 mark, and the buzzsaw is going to be shooting for a coveted playoff spot. This should, however, be the closest of the bunch.

Suggested listening: McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions. You know that someone slipped Matt Leinart this song in college and he pretends to like it. It totally pumps him up to not do Paris Hilton, or get chicks pregnant... maybe it even works with football! Wait, the Cardinals have another QB? I certainly hadn't heard of that.

p.s. If you haven't already seen it, avoid the new Lindsay Lohan picture circulating the internet at all costs. If you have, I share my condolences.

I saw the lohan picture this morning and thought I was going to be blind for life.
Man I cant wait to see the Lohan pic. Im at work and can't access it yet. Im sure its not that bad.
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