Monday, September 11, 2006


NFC West Breakdown. Cue the Crappy Tantric Song.

Screw the music, let's break down some football.

Denver over St. Louis
STL - 18 DEN - 10

Oops. My bad. This Snake did not fare too well on the plane Sunday. Rams Kicker Jeff Wilkins kicked 6 field goals throw down a whopping 21 points in the league, only bested overall by Baltimore D (25 pts), Donovan McNabb and Kurt Warner (22), and the same number as free-agent sub-in for Big Ben-Charlie Batch.

Seattle over Detroit.
SEA - 9 DET - 6

I was wrong in the blog (about the 50 TD's), but oh-so-right in my fantasy team. Josh Brown knocks in the only points that the Hawks scored. Alexander looks like he always does in the first game of the season, lost. Detroit still sucks.

Arizona over San Francisco.
ARI 34 SF 27

This was a close one, and Kurt Warner outdueled Alex Smith to give the new-look Cardinals their first win. Frank Gore was a maniac, Edgerin James seemed to be adapting to his new team well, and the Boldin/Fitzgerald combo delivered. The Pink Taco faithful were not disappointed in the stadium's first real win.

I'm 3-1 so far in preview picks. Not bad.

Week 1 NFC West Fantasy Studs:

Kurt Warner, QB - ARI (22). 23/37 , 301 yards, 3 TD's, no INTs. Kurt is the ultimate roller coaster, and when he reminds us that he's not dead, it's usually in a rather spectacular way.

Jeff Wilkins, K - STL (21). 6/7, 51-yard long kick. Much like Brown with the Seahawks, Wilkins put the team on his back and scored all of their points. In this case, it was an impressive 18-spot against the Broncos. While Rackers and Vinatieri were getting snagged way too early, this guy looks to be a steal and a solid investment.

Frank Gore, RB - SF (19). 17 carries, 87 yards, 2 td's. 6 rec, 83 yards. With his longest run coming in at 32 yards, and some serious sticky fingers, Quite Frankly is looking like a steal in the position he fell to in the draft. If he hadn't lost that fumble, he could have easily had the most points of any player in the league.

ST Louis, D - STL (18). 10 points allowed, 4 sacks, 3 INTs, 2 fumble recoveries. STL's D has put Jake the Snake's job in jeopardy. Big stops and momentum-killer interceptions axed any shot the Broncos had at taking this one.

Josh Brown, K - SEA (12). 3/5, 51 long, 2 blocked kicks. Last year Joshy benefitted nicely from Hasslebeck and Alexander's riduclous amount of TD's, he was a viable option last year purely based on PAT's. This year he will get less PAT's and waaay more FG's. He's got good range, and aside from poor protection twice in this week's game, he's consistent as hell.

Fantasy Duds:

Shaun Alexander, RB - SEA (one fucking point). Shaun starts slow. Whenever I draft him, I always pick someone who looks flashy in the first few games to start the season opener. Like your friend's Toyota Tacoma that needs 2 minutes to accelerate to 90, Shaun needs to get into the groove before he becomes a points machine again.

NFC West Free-Agent Performer of the Week (tie):

Adam Bergen, WR - ARI (7) & Troy Walters, TE - ARI (6). Bergen and Walter took grabs away from the wonder twins (Boldin and Fitzgerald) and were viable options that put up better numbers than a number of early-round equivalents. These guys look to benefit most from pass defenses that focus on the twins. These numbers won't happen often.


Arizona at Seattle
St. Louis at San Francisco

It's crazy divisional matchup bonanza week. Look for a preview sometime around Thursday or Friday.

EDIT: Deion Branch has been traded to the Seahawks. The Hawks were definitely missing the now-injured-Brown Jurv, and he should be a great option for BC product Hasslebeck.

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