Monday, September 04, 2006


The Big Game-Peyton's Side

September 4th, 2006 11am
Archie and Olivia Manning's residence

*telephone rings to The Saints Come Marching In*

Olivia: Hello?

Peyton Manning: Hey mom, I was wondering if dad was home?

Olivia: Yeah let me get him, Peyton, I know its football season and all, but when are you going to find a nice girl to marry?

Peyton: Mom, come on, do I have to go over this with you again, I don't date during football season

Olivia: You never date though Peyton, Indianapolis is a nice town, you can meet a nice girl there, maybe one who was homecoming queen like me.

Peyton: Mom, come on please stop nagging me about this, I really need to concentrate on the upcoming season especially the first game.

Olivia: Yeah, your father and I are going to go to the game, I hate going to new jersey though it smells of factories and old people.

Archie: Peyton, is that you, Olivia hang up the phone, I got it

Olivia: I love you peyton-weyton

Peyton: I love you too mommy....

Archie: So Peyton, how do you feel about the first game of the season versus Eli?

Peyton: I think we'll do well, Eli is such a good quarterback, but Dwight Freeney is the best DE in all of football right now, we'll do a great job of containing him using some cover 2. Plus, the Giants defense secondary isn't that good.

Archie: Now Peyton, remember what happened last time you thought you had a game won before you played it, I believe they won the super bowl last year.

Peyton sits in silence for 20 seconds

Peyton: Now dad, I won 14 games last year, did you ever come close to winning that many games. Dad, I believe you were on your back more than a Brynn Cameron was for Matt Leinart at USC.

Archie: Peyton Williams Manning, I never EVER had the amount of talent you had on any of your teams, you had a great team at University of Tennessee, but you couldn't beat Florida in three tries....hell Tee Martin took that team to the national championship the very next year. I basically had a the current University of Colorado team blocking for me in new orleans. You have all that talent around you, and you still choke like Mama Cass on a ham sandwich.

Peyton: Fine dad, I will talk to you after the game and please if you are coming though, do NOT wear a half-giants, half-colts jersey like Laura Quinn did in last years Fiesta Bowl it looked really bad. Have mom wear Elisha's jersey since she likes him better and you can wear mine.

Archie: I was just gonna wear your old Tennessee jersey to remind you not to choke in front of your brother.

Peyton: Whatever I'll talk to you later. Love you dad

Archie: Bye son, love you, and son....

Peyton: Yeah dad....

Archie: Have you found yourself a nice girl yet....I mean come on look at your mother, she was homecoming queen...

The line goes dead

Nice work Paul. That picture was a great find.
that "saints go marching in" ringtone that comes on Verizon phones is just the kind of cheese Archie must live for.
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