Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The AFC South, or the conference that can't make up his mind.

I do appologize for not doing the AFC South post last week but between grad school, interviewing, and my fiancee it wasn't going to happen. I was five for five in week 2 doing both AFC south and north. So this week I will look at the AFC South and predict which teams will pull a TO and try and kill themselves.

Dallas versus Tennessee: Dallas is a bad team fortunate for them Tennessee is worse. Kerry Collins is old enough to be Vince Young's dad and they still won't admit their season is done. Tennessee will once again lose even though dallas looks equally as bad especially with the whole TO mess currently going on: Dallas 24 Titans 10.

Jacksonville versus Washington: Jacksonville looked not so hot versus the Colts last week, however washington is a team of mystery. Will a good team show up or a bad one? hmm. Redskins 17 Jaguars 14.

Miami versus Houston: Houston, still crappy...just to remind you. Miami 35 Texans 24

Indianapolis versus NY Jets: Can the jets actually be a real life team? Can the colts be defeated? Yes the colts can be defeated but not by the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!. Colts 41 Jets 35. A real shootout I think we are due for.

On a side note, being a big chicago bears fans...please for the love of god....STOP TALKING ABOUT THE SUPER BOWL!!! We have only won three games, its not even october..stop talking about it. Until we have a pass defense (steve smith) please stop mentioning it. It will just hurt more when we lose then. May the cheerleader pictures help...they help me get through my day.

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