Thursday, September 14, 2006


AFC South and North

So Dick Butkus wanted to charge me $450 to run his picks to click, and I'm a poor graduate student. So I decided I'm going to dump him and start covering the AFC South and North since no one is covering them. By the way, the burrito is because well, I'm a grad student its what we live on that and humiliating undergraduates who put down stupid answers.

AFC South:
Houston vs. Indianapolis: An interdivision matchup that last year I would say would be no contest. Who am I kidding, the colts are going to roll this week, last week was a good test but houston's Defense still isnt all that great Mario Williams or not. Pick-Ponies 38 Texans 14

Tennessee vs. San Diego: San Diego looked great on defense and okay on offense versus a crappy oakland defense. Tennessee is still growing and learning, this weekend will be a lesson in who Shawne Merriman is. Pick-Greek gods 9 General Lees 42.

Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh: Toothlessburger (Remember kids wear your helmet) should be back for the steelers versus jacksonville and I think this one will be really close and I am actually going against my pool....Pick-Mittal Corps. 14 Jag-u-ars 17

Good Starts: Peyton "The Mongoose" Manning, Marvin Harrison, Philip Rivers, LaDanian Tomlinson, SD's Defense, Hines Ward

Sit Them, David Carr, any Tennessee players really, Willie Parker

AFC North
Baltimore vs. Oakland: Since oakland looked like Indiana University's football team last week, Baltimore should roll easily. Pick-Quote never More 31 the french navy 0

The Battle of Ohio: Cleveland vs. Cincinnati: Hide the women and children, lock up the guns, close your local businesses early. Cincinnati will win rather easily but I wouldn't wanna be there at the game or even close so I won't get mugged. Bengays 37 Poop 7

The steelers we covered before...yes scroll up....right now....yes...

Good Starts: Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, Baltimore's D, Jamal Lewis, Derek "grunts" Mason

Sit Down: Cleveland...just go away, Willie Parker, and with the first pick in the NFL draft the oakland raiders take.......

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