Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Madden 07 and my draft recap

Having only been a deadspin commentor for around three months, I have laughed more times in my quiet work setting than I would like to admit. Being back in graduate school, there is nothing better than procrastinating while reading and commenting on blogs. That being said I will now give a recap of my draft which I would like to call....Damn it I had the last freakin pick in the first round....

Pick one: Willis McGahee: I was pissed enough that I had the last pick in the draft, so I took a "sleeper", or as some people would like to call them guys who didn't perform worth a crap last year. 1 leinie's down....some more to go

Pick Two: Tom Brady or Mr. Moynahan as I like to call him: Since there were not any real great running backs still around I decided to get Mr. Dreamy himself as my ex-girlfriend once called him. I have no real opinion about Mr. I couldn't start at Michigan except he sucked on NCAA.

Pick Three: T. J. Houseisareallygreatshow: I needed a WR desperatly as the good ones were being taken and with Carson Palmer looking like superman to green bay's Robin the boy blunder last monday night I stole him practically. Beer #4 down the hatch since drafting takes a long time when you are on the end

Pick Four: Darrell "Action Packed" Jackson: Again another steal at WR....

Pick Five: Frank Gore: I really wanted Laurence Malroney....really bad...he killed Purdue in the past he's gonna be really good....but since Malroney was taken two picks before I settled for Frank win some you lose some, however, the 69ers looked pretty good against the bears maybe he'll do well this year. Beer #7, pizza slice #3....mmm chicago pizza....

Pick Six: Dallas Clark, I would of liked to get a better TE but if the mongoose has a good of a year as he always does maybe he'll find clark a little more often....

By this point of the draft I was feeling pretty good....I was drunk by this time my last picks include a couple of maybes, a quarterback almost as crappy as Kyle Orton, and the bear pick in Desmond "I really suck" Clark. I did take Alexander's backup or so I thought, I am looking for that Madden 07 curse to take affect in about week 4 with a broken spine. I feel I had a very good draft overall and if certain teams don't lay an egg I'll be competitive in the league.

For Madden not bought a madden game since madden 04, the game play is a ton better than the NCAA 2006, 2005, 2004..... My rule of thumb is never start a franchise in the first year of the game, I always simulate the first season. I choose the bears, cause well I'm a bears fan. They went 8-8. I went through free agency then and got a lot of good quality OL and Shaun Rogers the DT stud ( no one except LT has run particually well versus me yet). I then traded Thomas Jones for Todd Heap, so I could actually pass to a tight end that could catch the ball. I started off on All-Pro and have gone 12-0 so far with no one really good in my last 4 matchups. The passing game is just as it has been for a while, however the AI on the computer is getting smarter when it comes to down versus run or pass. I can not wait to take the bears to the promise land of a Super bowl championship, something that in real life will not happen probably in my lifetime due to stupid Chicago ownership.

The best quote I saw about fantasy football which doesn't apply to me
"Fantasy football, its like dungeons and dragons for the kids who used to beat up the kids who played dungeons and dragons"

an update on Madden if you dont shut off the consol correctly everytime you will lose ALL your game data....all of it...
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