Wednesday, August 23, 2006



So BigRicks and I decided that we want to do a running commentary on the state of Fantasy Football from our league’s perspective for the blog. We came up with the idea of having us do a weekly write up of how different divisions did FF-wise (well, we didn’t originate it, but, well, you know… whatever).

We will create a template of what we want covered (Stud player of the week, (points) loser of the week, etc.), and all you have to do is fill in the blanks, preferably with more than one word. We run it like Tuesday, so that’ll give you a day to shake off your hangover and churn out like 250 words after copying it off of ESPN Insider. Easy as pie.

I've got the AFC West and East. BigRicks has got the NFC East and South. Since we're initiating it, we figure we'd do the heavy lifting, so you guys don't have to. So four divisions left... who wants in?

I will certainly enjoy my NFC West beat.
I can handle the AFC North beat - go browns. [sighs]
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