Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Initial Post, No Promises, All Apologies

Warning: This may be seen as a complete rip off of the Fantasy Football League of Extraordinary Deadspin Posters (FFLXDSP) and that's because, well, it is. Below you can find the draft order of the 16 teams that make up the Deadspin Triple-A Affiliate Fantasy Football League (DAAAFFL from here on out). Our draft is Wednesday August 22nd at 8:00 PM. Results will be posted that evening (but more likely the following day). The draft order is as follows (notice the All-Star Deadspin talent in parentheses):

1. The Drowning Mice (SirHotbodHandsomeface)
2. Blaine (MO) Players (Eirishis)
3. Holley Mangold's Gash (BigRicks)
4. Mary Beth's Box (rsr26)
5. MVsShinyNeonAss (BowdenBowdenBowden)
6. Bukkake Squad (Rockin Joe Stalin)
7. Jay Mariotti's Binky (Iron Chef Xenu)
8. Ohio Is For Lovers
9. BiggerThanJezus
10. Lick My Love Pump (The tastefully named, Brandon)
11. Backfield Penetration (denis lemieux)
12. Got The Ass (Str8 Cash Homies)
13. Carl Monday is God (Scott Senay)
14. OopsIShittheTub (TurdBlossom)
15. SummerEve&TheDBags (StartingAces)
16. Orton's Drinkers (PurduePaul)

In the words of Walter Sobchek, this league is not exactly a lightweight. If your worried that this blog will feature only the fantasy football results of 16 sports-obsessed losers, fear not young jedi, for I will update regularly with witty comments about various topics of which you will no doubt be interested. Any suggestions (or if i left you out), leave a comment.

Konichiwa. Bitches.

Depending on how the draft goes tonight, I might soon be referring to the league as DIAFFFL. (Die In A Fire, Fantasy Football League).
I'm sure everyone behind me in the draft will hate me for saying this, but I think the #3 draft spot is a tough one. No pick relies more on what the two people in front of him do more than mine. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, I figure I'll have one of 3, LT, LJ, or the Madden Curse
Yeah the 3 spot is not clear cut. Im sitting right behind you in the 4 spot. Some people have been taking Edge high- but he hasn't looked good so far this pre-season.

Maybe I should change my name? I don't like that there is another MBB out there. Any advice on whether to change my name is appreciated. Im assuming Rob had it first since his league was created before ours.

I don't need these distractions before the draft.

My only concern with you changing your name is the highly anticipated MBB vs HMG matchup. Unless you can somehow create another team name that has somethign to do with female genitalia, or something Holley Mangold related. Pink Taco? Something about her loving Black guys? Mandingo?
there are so many places to leave comments... i'm so overwhelmed

rsr - i'd keep the name - for now you have a true and direct affiliation, like the New York Yankees/Tampa Yankees - or you could put a spin on it, like Cardinals/RedBirds (Mary Beth's Snatch?)... or as another option, you can follow the route of many youth hockey teams that i've played against and call your team the Mary Beth's Junior Box or Mary Beth's Little Box

The real fun will begin if you make the premier-league rules jump and face off next year with the other MBB - it will legitimize the FFLXDSP in the same way that the dueling Rough Riders legitimized the CFL for so many years.

I've obviously given this too much thought.

-Sir HH
Not to nitpick, but shouldn't it be the DAAAAFL?

and rsr keep the name so that when you make the premiere-league jump up you can have a battle of CFL-esque proportions, like the Rough Riders vs. the Rough Riders

-Sir HH
Maybe I could an an extra "X" or something. Thanks for the input.

Really, MB Little Box? What are the odds of that?

my blog entry about my "ocho" league and my lamenting the shitty pick in this one.
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