Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The Bad News Bears

Consider this to be a post about who your should take in your other draft, because I've got the goods.

QB D. McNabb
WR A. Boldin
WR A. Toomer
RB C. Williams
TE M. Lewis
W/R D. Foster
BN L. Maroney
BN Mi. Vick
BN V. Young
BN A. Chatman
K J. Brown
DEF Indianapolis

Two words, Donte fucking Stallworth. McNabb has the option that he's needed ever since TO stopped playing football and started his Paris Hilton impression. He can really turn on the jets, and should be a very viable option for a wideout that was certainly in need.

Boldin could be this year's Steve Smith. Look for Edgerin James to get clock burning and goal line gigs, but Boldin should be snagging the big tosses for yardage and points.

Amani "It's Not a" Toomer will benefit from a maturing Little Manning and less carries for an overworked Tiki Barber.

Caddilac is going to have a breakout year. He'd going to be counted on for ground yardage, red zone touches, and could be a top option for short passes. Everything I read about this team is about how Carnell will be carrying the Bucs on his back this year.

Marcedes Lewis is pretty much untested, but could be a pleasant surprise if the Jags passing game comes up big.

Steve Smith is going to be quintuple covered this season. Well, not that bad, but he's going to have a lot more hands in his face. Foster will have to step it up.

The Seahawks are not going to be the same team as last year. Alexander is not going to get as many TD's. Josh Brown has a chance to be this year's Neil Rackers - the golden toed K on a team who can certainly drive, but not seal the deal.

Indy's D is still going to be stellar. The loss of Edge and the possiblity that the wide reciever core might not be as effective this year will make the Colts rely on their D more. They will step it up.

The bench - In the first two preseason games, 55 of Maroney's 65 yards were with after contact. Dillon's going to overexert himself and break whatever it is he's broken the last few years. Ron Mexico is a viable bye week option, and Vince Young will drag Kerry Collins' rotting corpse off the field and kick some ass at some point. And p.s., Antonio Chatman is going to be a kickoff return machine.

Summer's Eve and the D-Bags are going to be the spoilers of the DTAAAFL, and will roll suckas as the league dark horse. When your top-6 pick is out for the season, I'll be there waiting to grab your spot.

I hope you're right with that Stallworth prediction. There's just something about mid-level WRs not working out so well with the Eagles...

the baby's sleeping
Stallworth has burned me two years in a row.
as long as stallworth doesn't burn McNabb, I am all set
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